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Emmanuel CARRERE



Born in Paris in 1957, Emmanuel Carrère began as a critic for the magazine Positif. In 1982 he published a study of the filmmaker Werner Herzog, followed by the novels: Class Trip (Femina 1995 literary award, adapted by Claude Miller to win the Jury Prize at Cannes in 1998), The Adversary (adapted by Nicole Garcia), A Russian Novel, Lives Other Than My Own (adapted by Philippe Lioret under the title: All Our Desires) and Limonov (Prix Renaudot 2011). He is also the writer of many scripts for television and has made two films: the documentary Back to Kotelnitch and the adaptation of his own novel, The Moustache, with Vincent Lindon and Emmanuelle Devos (presented at the Directors’ Fortnight in 2005). He was a member of the Festival de Cannes jury in 2010.



  • 2012 - 电影基金会短片 - 成员
  • 2010 - 长片竞赛 - 成员