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Exclusive Interviews with the Juries

Exclusive Interviews with the Juries the 23/05/2014, 19h17

Read all the interviews given by the members of the Feature Film Jury, as well as those with the...

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Best of the 67th Festival de Cannes

Best of the 67th Festival de Cannes the 24/05/2014

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Join us on a journey through the greatest filmmaking countries. Our short articles summarize the history of cinema as seen through the eyes of specialists. Each text is brought to life...


ROMANIA by Ioan Lazar

As in so many countries throughout the world, the genesis and first steps of the cinema in Romania were linked to France. The first screening of a film took place in Bucharest on 27 May...


GERMANY by Wim Wenders

  Dreamed up before the Second World War (Louis Lumière should have been its first President!), the Festival didn´t actually get underway until 1946 — one effect of Germany's most...


UNITED KINGDOM by Gilles Jacob

     “There is no such thing as British cinema,” François Truffaut once said, never at a loss for provocative exaggeration. Well, well! Who would have thought that our...

Revue de presse autour de la sélection

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'Graduate' director Mike Nichols dies aged 83 AFP - Michael THURSTON, the 20/11/2014

LOS ANGELES, November 20, 2014 (AFP) - Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols, the creative force behind countless classic American films and plays including "The Graduate," has died at age 83, triggering a flood of tributes.The legendary director directed nearly two dozen films in all, among them the timeless "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and lighter fare with a contemporary edge like "Working Girl."Nichols is one of the rare figures in...

Mr Turner : Spall is like a moulting, phlegmy Gruffalo.

Mr Turner : Spall is like a moulting, phlegmy Gruffalo. - Robbie Collin, the 31/10/2014

Mr Turner, Mike Leigh's biopic of the artist, features Timothy Spall's finest performance since Secrets & Lies.In the new Mike Leigh...

Maps to the stars: Burn, Hollywood, burn…

Maps to the stars: Burn, Hollywood, burn… - James Mottram, the 26/09/2014

A script written in venom, Cronenberg on bullish form and a cast on full power; this is one of the best Hollywood take-downs ever mounted.