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About the Festival : Facts and figures


The Festival's budget amounts to approximately 20 million euros, half of which originates from public funding via the National Cinema Centre (CNC) under the authority of the Ministry of Culture, the City of Cannes and other local authorities. This financing is completed by contributions from a number of professional and institutional groups along with the Festival's Official partners.

This table shows the number of features and shorts entered into all the selections at the Festival. You’ll see that the number of feature films shown at Marché du Film has more than doubled since 1995, in contrast to the Official which has maintained the same number of selected films each year.

> Download the 2015 table in PDF

This chart shows the amount of media coverage the Festival has received since 1966. Note how the number of journalists has been multiplied by 5 in 40 years.

> Download the 2015 table in PDF

This table charts the amount of professionals attending the event since 2003, where they’ve come from and a breakdown of their roles. You’ll see that producers continue to be the highest number of attendees.

> Download the 2015 table in PDF

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