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Peter von Bagh is a film historian, author of more than 20 books (including The History of World Cinema, 1975); television and radio director for all his life; a book publisher (more than 100 books from Balzac to Eisenstein, Bazin, Langlois, Fellini); a film film director (with a speciality to compilation films, the latest being 'The Blue Song', a 12 hour series about the history of Finnish arts) and scriptwriter (e.g. films of Risto Jarva); curator (1967-70) and program director (1970-85) of The Finnish Film Archive; editor-in-chief (since 1971) of the 'Filmihullu' magazine; a professor of film history in the Helsinki University of Arts; and the artistic director of two festivals, The Midnight Sun Film Festival (co-founded in 1986 with Kaurismäki brothers) that takes place in Lapland, beyond the polar circle, and Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, since 2001. Peter Von Bagh lives in Helsinki.

Member of the Jury

  • 2004 - Feature films - Member