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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
Edward YANG 
173.00 minutes
  • Award for Best Director, 2000


NJ Jian, his wife Min-Min and their two kids are typical middle-class family, sharing their Taipei apartment with Min-Min's elderly mother. NJ is a partner in a computer hardware firm which made big profits last year but will go bankrupt soon if it doesn't change direction. He warms to the idea of teaming up with Ota, an innovative designer of games software in Japan, and enjoys spending time with the charming and urbane Japanese man.
Things start to go wrong for the Jians on the day that Min-Min's brother A-Di gets married. That's the day when Min-Min's mother suffers a stroke and is rushed to hospital in a coma from which she may never awaken. It's also the day when NJ bumps into Sherry, his first childhood sweetheart, a woman (now married) he hasn't seen for twenty years.
Edward YANG
Edward YANG