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Isabelle Huppert: three times a lady with Hong Sangsoo

the 21.05.2012 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 22.05.2012 at 5:52 PM

In the film In Another Country, the Korean director continues his experimental study of a story. He depicts in one place, three stories, with the same actress as three different characters.


Photo from the film In Another Country

Since his film debut in 1996 with The Day a Pig Fell Into The WellHong Sangsoo has been establishing his highly individual style of cinema: a universe comprising obsessions (romantic relationships, the difficulty of communicating, films, alcohol), an unprecedented approach to narration and a clearly identifiable cinematic language consisting of long sequence shots and zooms.


What is striking in the films of Hong Sangsoo, is the permanent uncertainty about what is being shown. The viewer has no reference points: the same actor plays multiple characters, the same event is told from several different viewpoints, the same place is assigned to different characters, and characters change personality. These variations on the story, characters and temporality, express the absence of a single truth, the complexity of reality, the weight of chance, and the difficulty of defining people in terms of both what they are like and what they want. With Hong Sangsoo, nothing is certain and anything could happen.

In Another Country pushes conceptual experimentation to the extreme as Isabelle Huppert plays three characters, "a woman who is both never quite the same nor ever completely another person." Alternately playing a famous director visiting a friend, a married woman on a get-away with her lover, or a wife whose husband has left her, who is left to console herself with a friend, she will live out three different situations in the same place, a resort in South Korea.
Hong Sangsoo likes to say that he does not deliver a message. He makes suggestions. "What viewers get from my films depends on their mood or their situation."

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The film will be screened in the Grand Théâtre Lumière on Monday 21st May at 16:00.

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