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Statement by Thierry Frémaux

the 05.02.2016 at 3:22 PM - Updated on 29.02.2016 at 2:02 PM

Thierry Frémaux © Marcel Hartmann


The information that has appeared in the press recently about my having received a professional offer is accurate, although this proposal was made several weeks ago. After lengthy consideration, I have decided not to accept the offer and to continue in my position with the Festival de Cannes, as well as at the Institut Lumière in Lyon, serving the audiences, artists and professionals of the worldwide film industry.

The interest that was shown towards me certainly did not leave me indifferent, and I also recognise that credit for this is also due to the collective efforts that we carry out together, in the teams that I am proud to manage. Even if I feel some regret in turning down the opportunity that has been offered to me, it is with full confidence in the future of public cultural action that I maintain my commitment to my present duties.

I wish to express my deep gratitude towards those who have paid me the compliment of believing that I could support them in their endeavours. I am not saying “no” to them, but I am continuing to say “yes” to the world’s greatest film festival, and it is my desire to continue to work towards its promising future, just as I wish to pursue the continued development of the Institut and the Festival Lumière.

I also extend my warmest thanks to everyone who has spoken out over recent days and whose messages have guided and aided me in my reflection, in particular Frédérique Bredin, Pierre Lescure, Bertrand Tavernier, all three Presidents of the CNC, the Festival de Cannes and the Institut Lumière, as well as Audrey Azoulay, Cultural Adviser to the Elysée Palace, and Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon.


Thierry Frémaux

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