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Around the selection 2012 : Exhibition

Glamour has yet to reveal all its secrets. The Festival de Cannes, widely chronicled as the temple of Glamour, has mounted an extensive exhibition in the Palais, which will be accompanied by a book by Dominique Païni examining the many facets of Glamour. The exhibition will add some rare treats to iconic images of silent film dive and the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“… Shimmering delight, true Glamour belongs to the realm  of light, whose rays give shape to the body. Its energy is essentially sculptural, but paradoxically Glamour is sensuality in motion. It is transitory even as it is, in part, immortal. Glamour engenders myth and lights up the Stars…”

Dominique Païni



Coll. Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino



Special thanks to The Kobal Collection / Scenography: studio P&F Baume




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