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by AP Exchange - 22 May 2015

Director Nanni Moretti is pleased to hear that some audience members came out of "Mia Madre," his new movie about a filmmaker whose mother is dying, and immediately called their own moms to say "I love you.""Every once in a while, movies do the right thing," the director said during an interview...

by AFP - 22 May 2015

Actor Tim Roth said he fully supported assisted suicide, saying it was "crazy" that governments still opposed it, after playing an end-of-life nurse in his latest Cannes Film Festival entry on Friday."I'm all for it -- that's crazy to make people go through that," said Roth at a press conference...

by AP Exchange - 21 May 2015

Writer-director Ida Panahandeh has made a splash with her film debut, landing in competition at the Cannes Film Festival for "Nahid," fraught portrait of the byzantine legal complications and social stigmas concerning divorce and remarriage in Iran. Panahandeh said she was in...

by AFP - 21 May 2015

The Cannes Film Festival got its first taste of full-blown controversy on Thursday after a late-night session with director Gaspar Noe's hyper-sexual 3D tale, "Love".  The movie leaves nothing to the imagination as it tells the story of a young couple's tempestuous love...

by AP Exchange - 20 May 2015

Paolo Sorrentino's bittersweet age drama, "Youth," features a tour de force performance by Michael Caine as a retired conductor reflecting on the passing of time and memories of his wife, a former singer. Caine's character, Fred, bitterly refuses a request by Queen Elizabeth...