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14 May
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Press Conference: The Housemaid by Im Sang soo

the 14.05.2010 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 22.05.2010 at 12:34 PM

Im Sang-soo gave a press conference for The Housemaid at 1 p.m., just after the film´s screening In Competition. He was accompanied by the film´s three actors, Jeon Do-Youn, Lee Jung Jae and Youn Yuh-Jung. Selected extracts.

An original, a remake, two generations as seen by Im Sang-soo:
“This film goes back fifty years. Society has changed a lot. It´s 2010 now and I wanted the film to reflect Korean and international society. […] Korean society has developed very quickly. But what we need to ask ourselves is: ‘have reactions changed over the past fifty years?’”
Im Sang-soo on filmmaking and the financial crisis:
“The financial crisis has affected the whole world and Korean cinema has had its difficulties. I’ve been faced with a lot of difficulties in my life, but instead of complaining, I prefer to get on with it.”
Im Sang-soo, in response to the question: “Wasn´t it a bit daring to say that your film would be ‘the least boring In Competition’?”
“I think that’s what all the directors think: we always make films that we’d want to see. Was it a clever thing to say? You’ll know the answer by the end of the Competition.”



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