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by - Nikola Grozdanovic - 14 May 2015

Ranked: The Films Of Director George Miller
Those sounds of clashing metal, revved up engines and gusts of choking dust are reminiscent of a familiar world gone mad. A world which George Miller's fans have had to wait 30 years to see again. This week's release of "Mad Max: Fury Road," which the Playlist likened to a "speeding maniac in...

by - 13 May 2015

Cannes uncovered: day 1 – the festival begins, the stars arrive, the opening film whelms!
It’s here! That time of year when a resort town in the south of France is littered with actors and people who dress up as if they were actors for attention! The starlets are disrobing, the broken French is being unleashed and there might even be some films that are actually watched or...

by - Nicolas Rapold - 13 May 2015

At the Cannes Film Festival, Reality Intrudes in a Make-Believe World
Every spring, the Cannes International Film Festival arrives like a bright dream — a never-never land of cinema, star power and sun. But the festival does in fact take place somewhere in the physical realm, and France, besides hosting the world’s pre-eminent showcase of cinema, is a country...

by - 13 May 2015

Director Del Toro says Cannes gives new talent a chance
Mexican director Guillermo del Toro said as he arrived in Cannes to serve on the main film festival jury on Tuesday that having gotten his start there with a debut film in 1993, he now wanted to give new generations of filmmakers a chance.Del Toro, director of the dark fantasy 'Pan's...

by - 13 May 2015

Cannes: Thierry Fremaux Shares Secrets Behind the 2015 Selection
Cannes' programming chief explains some of the tough choices his team has made so far.Praising the previously announced opening-night selection “Standing Tall” as “magnifique” in its own right, Fremaux insisted that audiences not fixate on the gender of its director, Emmanuelle Bercot,...