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by - Peter Bradshaw - 21 May 2013

Cannes 2013: The Great Beauty - first look review
Paolo Sorrentino's magnificent return to form sees him reteam with Toni Servillo for a lush, classical tale of middle-age hedonism and lost love. Paolo Sorrentino has returned to Cannes with a gorgeous movie, the film equivalent of a magnificent banquet composed of 78 sweet courses. It is in the...

by - Robbie Collin - 21 May 2013

Cannes 2013: Behind The Candelabra, review
The exceptional Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas, proves why film still needs Steven Soderbergh, says Robbie Collin. Science tells us that light travels in straight lines, but in Behind The Candelabra, the new film from Steven Soderbergh, it trickles and fizzes...

by - Simon Gallagher - 20 May 2013

Cannes 2013: Shield Of Straw Review
Takeshi Miike is another name that seems to have become associated with Cannes a lot in the past few years. In many ways he has cut a familiar and reliable figure: you know what you’re getting with the barmpot director with a penchant for extreme violence and black humour. Or at least,...

by - Todd McCarthy - 20 May 2013

As I Lay Dying: Cannes Review
James Franco's adaptation of William Faulkner’s novel about an impoverished Mississippi family premiered in the Un Certain Regard section. James Franco has pulled off a devilishly difficult literary adaptation with this faithful yet cinematically vibrant version of William Faulkner’s...

by - Scott Foundas - 20 May 2013

Cannes Film Review: ‘A Castle in Italy’
The helmer's third semi-autobiographical feature touches on themes of mortality and middle-aged panic in a mostly breezy, intelligent style. As it was in Olivier Assayas’ “Summer Hours,” a house is much more than a home in “A Castle in Italy”; it’s a...