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Out of Competition: "These Girls" by Tahani Rached

Le 22.05.2006 à 23:49 - Mis à jour le 22.05.2006 à 23:54

English version available soon
Presented out of competition, These Girls is a documentary by Tahani Rached which plunges us into the world of the street teens of Cairo, a world of violence and oppression, as well as freedom. These girls astonish us by the strength they give off, the laughter which fills them and the hardness with which they must arm themselves to confront daily life.

These Girls is the story of the encounter of Tata, Mariam, Abir and Donia with a woman, Hind. An encounter placed under the sign of love. Hind is a luminous character. A practising, veiled Muslim, she is driven by the universal principles of respect for others. Her commitment to the girls leads her to transgress social barriers and taboos. This film enables us to discover a world, invisible to indifferent eyes, but whose existence testifies to the secret and vital workings of a society.

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