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© Photo Marcus Mann 2002


Scottish. Born 1960. Read Social and Political Science and English Literature at Cambridge University between 1980-83. Started making films with the English director Derek Jarman in 1985 with Caravaggio, going on to work with him for 8 years and 7 films before his death in 1994: including The Last of England, The Garden, War Requiem, Wittgenstein. In 1990 won the Coppa Volpe at the Venice Film Festival for her performance in his Edward II. Came to wider international recognition with her extraordinary portrayal of Orlando in Sally Potter's film, released in 1992. Since then, Swinton's work has included two films with Lynn Hershman-Leeson, Conceiving Ada and Teknolust, Susan Streitfeld's Female Perversions, Tim Roth's The War Zone and Robert Lepage's Possible Worlds. In 2000, she made The Deep End with David Siegel and Scott McGeehee, Quinzaine des Realisateurs 2001, for which she won numerous international awards, including a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress. Recently, she has made Spike Jonze's Adaptation, David Mackenzie's Beat noir Young Adam, acclaimed at Cannes in 2003 and Thumbsucker directed by Mike Mills to be released in 2005. Constantine in which she stars with Keanu Reeves, will be released in February 2005.


  • 2013 - ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 Actor
  • 2012 - MOONRISE KINGDOM - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 Actor
  • 2011 - WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 Actor
  • 2007 - THE MAN FROM LONDON - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 Actor
  • 2005 - BROKEN FLOWERS - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 Actor
  • 2003 - YOUNG ADAM - ある視点 Actor
  • 1998 - LOVE IS THE DEVIL - ある視点 出演
  • 1987 - ARIA - コンペティション部門 – フィーチャー映画 出演


  • 2004 - 長編部門 - メンバー
  • 2002 - シネフォンダシヨン短編部門 - メンバー